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Lucia Bella is delighted to announce that it has just launched on a worldwide scale with a big desire to spread its distinctive taste in fashion and satisfy clients seeking uniqueness. With its special and detailed embroidery designed in a Lebanese pattern, Lucia Bella has paved its path towards the luxurious women fashion world. Dating back from 1995, Lucia Bella brand has Lebanese roots as its origins are found in Beirut and has six Lucia Bella stores around the world and still growing.

Having settled in Bucharest, Romania since the year 2012, we have taken the opportunity to reach out to a bigger scale hoping that we can please every lady from every corner of the world who chooses to wear Lucia Bella! And, the online shop is the most appropriate method to do so. Lucia Bella comes in the help of its beautiful clients who appreciate Lebanese designs and fabulous appearances, having collaborated with a various number of celebrities from different categories (singers, TV presenters, actresses, fashion icons) in Romania, such as: Adelina Ioana Pestritu, Monica Gabor, Alessandra Stoicescu Catalina Grama (Jojo),  Xonia, Madalina Petre and many others around the world, found in the client portfolio.

Who wouldn’t want to look glamorous and turn heads at an event?! Lucia Bella can emphasize on the grace and delicacy for every woman’s body to stand out. Lucia Bella can be worn either at a birthday party, clubbing, private event, fashion and launching event, red carpet events and other occasions like a prom, engagement and wedding parties. And not only! The Lucia Bella clothing line is not composed only of fancy long dresses, but also elegant tops, skirts, pants and dresses who can be worn out for a coffee with the girls or a date out with the man you adore, so why wouldn’t you want to impress?! Lucia Bella impresses at any glance, revealing the true beauty inside of a woman, leaving away the shyness and exiting your shell to be remarked. With the high quality materials used and impeccable knitting patterns, Lucia Bella aims to bring confidence and sex-appeal to each woman who chooses to be a “bella”!


When was the last time you mentioned to yourself “You are beautiful!”? Lucia Bella wishes to remind you that every time and assures you “Yes, you are a beauty!”  whether you are wearing a Lucia Bella outfit or not. But if you do choose us, we will make sure you are not just beautiful, but a stunner-kind of beautiful.


Lots of love to our Bellas! xoxo

Lucia Bella Ro

Lebanese luxurious online fashion store for women

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